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  • Teens using improvised defensive tools - shields

  • Little child striking into kick shields in scenario room

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  • Longarm Threat Defence

  • Advanced Ground Self-Defence

At Guardian, we are committed to helping you learn awesome skills that will make you safer and fitter.


Be it Self-Defence to keep you and your family safe, Parkour skills to get you through life with more speed (whilst looking way cooler), or just hitting your Fitness goals.

We have the team of instructors, the range of styles, and awesome community of students, that will get you motivated and learning.

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Guardian Defence brings you the very best in practical Krav Maga self-defence skills, and fitness training, here in Brunswick Melbourne Australia. Our friendly, accessible classes, are designed to accommodate individuals of various levels of skill and fitness. So whether you are new to training or a professional in the field of law enforcement, you will gain expert self-defence skills, fast. And if fitness is your goal- we have fitness classes, pro-trainers and health professionals that will help lift you to new heights in your journey towards health and wellness.


Leaders in Women's Self-Defence training since 2006, the Guardian Women Program provides a safe space for feminine identified people to learn strong self-defence tactics under the guidance of a highly experienced female instructor.  Based on Krav Maga, a reality self-defence training system, these classes will provide you with the skills needed to defend yourself should the need arise, regardless of body size or strength.