What's the importance of rank signifiers? by AJ Kearns

At Guardian we have different signifiers for each program but what is the reason we want people to wear them?

Why Ranks? by AJ Kearns

Ranks exist to help divide the syllabus into manageable chunks. They break up learning into achievable and quantifiable sections and give you direction. Ranks also serve to boost confidence in certain areas of competence.

The Battle for Balance by AJ Kearns

When we are fighting for our safety, it is vital that we stay on our feet as much as possible, and of course to do this we must maintain balance. The street arena has no rules, no referee to stop the fight and attackers have no honour. Even excellent ground fighters can be overwhelmed in a real life situation, as weapons, multiple attackers and ‘dirty’ fighting strikes to sensitive areas work outside the sporting format that they are trained for. And lets not forget our most important goal in a self- defence situation, which is to leave the danger area. We cannot do this if we are laying on the ground fighting for our lives, therefore, our mobility is sacred and must be fought for with determination. With this in mind, lets look at some basic ways of maintaining control of our balance during the turmoil of battle.

The Secret To Effective Self Defence by Enoki Paskov

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "Self Defence" "Whoopah! Ka-Pow! HIIIIIYAA!" These are the sounds of masters at work… and super heroes. But chances are that you aren’t a ‘Master’, and I’m here today to tell you how to make all of your current skills- no matter your level- REALLY work for you, absolutely anyone can learn to defend themselves and the ones they love; regardless of whether you are an old master or a total beginner of martial arts.