Guardian Defence began teaching in 2006 and has grown to become one of the largest and most highly respected training facilities in Australia. Our full time training centre has programs to suit everyone with classes catering for both youth and adults.

We are an inclusive and friendly training environment, where discrimination of any kind is not welcome. We proudly support diversity, be it gender, race, religion, or sexuality. You are therefore asked to 'check your ego at the door' and come with a humble attitude ready to learn.

We'd love to have you come and join us, and see why, over the years, thousands of people have chosen to make Guardian Defence their training home.

Our full time training centre in Brunswick comprises two large training rooms, scenario room/hall and van, fully equipped functional fitness gym, shower, restrooms, student lounge, pro shop and office area.

Our main training space is 300 square meters of matted training area and is fully equipped with all the equipment necessary for safe and effective training and our second training floor is over 200 square meters of matted training area.

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Our integrated training scenario room/hallway and van give your training the edge that it needs when faced with a live threat out in the street, home or place of work.

The gym is fitted out with the very latest functional training equipment such as: kettlebells, clubs, sledgehammers, olympic weights, dumbbells to 40kg, 5 metre power ropes, pull up rope, powerbands, agility band, tyres, chains, plyo boxes, fit balls, sled with pulling harness, PowerBag, assisted chin/dip machine, cross over machine, glute/hamstring bench, incline/decline benches, treadmills, Concept2 rowers, upright bike and cross trainer, and a versatile Iron Edge Matrix structure.

Our pro-gear shop sells all the necessary personal protective equipment for safe training as well as our highly sought after street wear.