We love our students. And they seem to love us right back.

  • "The teachers are GREAT and really understand what you need
    to keep yourself safe from several forms of attack." -Sab D.
  • "A welcoming training facility with TOP NOTCH instructors who care about my progress. As well as making new friends I was learning practical, easy to learn self defence skills! The realistic scenarios and their encouragement taught me to stand up for myself and raised my self esteem and confidence levels from zilch to 10 as I had anxiety issues due to being bullied at school. Sincere thank you for helping me take control of my life again." ~ Melanie T.
  • "They are just like A BIG WARM WELCOMING FAMILY. From the staff, the more experienced participants, to the newbies, all are inclusive, caring and accepting." - Deb W.
  • "Good friendly staff and a fantastic training facility. Come on down and get your fierce on"  - Rick C.
  • "My little girl gets a bit anxious when it comes to new things and being center of attention. Everyone here has been so good and patience (sic) towards her. Thank you AJ, Sinead and Zu." - Kristina P.
  • "Awesome instructors that are patient and easy to work with. High level of knowledge of the self defence (sic). Highly recommend for those who wish to not only be able to handle themselves but take care of their loved ones too should the need arise. Great facility and equipment, definitely worth a gander, be warned, once you join, you will be addicted!" - Google User

Co-Director of Guardian Defence, AJ heads up Guardian Krav Maga as Chief Instructor, using his many years of experience to guide and formulate the system and syllabus.


Motivated by seeing his friend attacked, AJ started his martial arts journey in 2000, firstly learning Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation), and then going on to study Kobudo (Okinawa International Kobudo Australia). He started assisting with classes in 2002, went on to attain a First Degree Black Belt in both styles, and began teaching both at the Academy of Martial Arts in Sydney from 2004.


His interest and study of Krav Maga began in 2002, and he went on to become certified as an Advanced Civilian Krav Maga Instructor by Prof. Itay Gil of Protect Krav Maga in 2006. He has since gone on to be certified as Krav Maga Chief Instructor by Tactical Krav Maga, Krav Maga Practical Instructor by Wingate Institute (Israel), Youth Krav Maga Instructor by Combat Krav Maga, Floro Fighting Systems Instructor by Raymond Floro, (Floro Fighting Systems).


AJ continues his association with Prof Gil (former Chief Instructor of the Israeli counter terror and hostage rescue unit YAMAM) and has also trained with the likes of: Roy Faiga (Shi-Heun Krav Maga, Wingate Institute); Avi Abeceedon (10 Dan Degree, K.A.M.I - Israeli Krav Magen Assoc.); Ran Nakash (former Chief Commander of Krav Maga Instructional Unit within the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)); Danny Netzer (Chief Commander of the Krav Maga Instruction Unit, IDF); Itay Danenberg (KMI), John Whitman (Krav Maga Alliance); Roy Elghanayan (Krav Maga LA); Lior Offenbach (Combat Krav Maga); Ray Floro (Floro Fighting Systems); Richard Dimitri (SAFE International, Senshido); Chris Roberts (SAFE International); Dave Pauli (ISR Matrix).


He is also a certified Personal Trainer and has being called upon many times, as an expert in self-defence for national print publications, television and radio.

Zunami White is Co-Director of Guardian Defence and our Senior Krav Maga Instructor. She has over 8 years of experience as an Advanced Civilian Krav Maga Instructor, certified under Tactical Krav Maga (2009) and recently earned the rank of Senior Krav Maga Instructor under Guardian Krav Maga (2017).


She has trained with some of the world’s most elite instructors including Prof. Itay Gil, Ran Nakash, Avi Abeceedon, Roy Faiga, Raymond Floro and Dave Paulii (ISR Matrix). Zunami is the world’s first female to be certified as an instructor in Floro Fighting System’s edged weapons defence, trained exclusively by Raymond Floro.

Zunami specialises in civilian self defence and corporate workshops. She employs a teaching focus on Krav Maga conceptual and scenario training throughout her regular classes. Her passion lies in Women’s self defence, which has seen her work extensively with the Victims of Crime Tribunal, community groups, private training and workshops across the country.


Zunami has featured in several publications in relation to self defence training including the Herald Sun and The Age newspapers and the soon to be released ABC documentary – Keeping Australia Safe

Tracey Ayres-Turner has been an Advanced Civilian Krav Maga Instructor since 2012, being certified by Tactical Krav Maga. She has a strong teaching base in techniques, the foundation of the Krav Maga syllabus. Tracey has extensive experience in all class levels, private training and workshop facilitation. She has trained with some of the worlds most elite instructors including Prof. Itay Gil and Ran Nakash.


Tracey is passionate about our school community and facilitates the majority of our social events. She is also passionate about supporting new students from the very beginning of their Krav journey at our introduction sessions, through to assisting students in achieving their personal goals.


Roger Lew has been instructing Krav Maga since 2012, certified in Protect Krav Maga, Tactical Krav Maga and Guardian Krav Maga systems. He has extensive training experience, training with some of the worlds most renowned instructors such as Prof. Itay Gil, Dave Paulii and Ran Nakash. He also enjoys cross training in May Thai and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.


Roger enjoys delivering the technical aspects of Krav Maga with a focus on staying active via a fun and friendly class structure.

Vong Ngakham has been an Advanced Civilian Krav Maga instructor since 2012, certified through Tactical Krav Maga and Guardian Krav Maga. He is an all round instructor, bringing his extensive knowledge of fitness to all of his classes. Vong has also been a qualified personal trainer since 2011, holding cert 3 & 4 in Personal Training and a Bachelor of Exercise Science.


Due to his Instructor experience he has a true understanding of the physiological aspects of Krav Maga training, allowing him to transfer and apply this knowledge to his private sessions and our Boot Camp classes.

Anthony is a wealth of knowledge with over 30 years experience in combat sports.


His experience includes over 30 years training in striking styles such as boxing and kick boxing, over 20 years training in the grappling styles of judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Krav Maga training from 2010. He now holds the rank of Instructor in Krav Maga and brings his vast knowledge to his educational and fun classes.

Simon has been teaching boxing classes at Guardian Defence since 2016, bringing his wealth of accumulated knowledge to each session. He is a Boxing Australia Level 1 Coach & also accredited by FightFit.


Simon has himself been boxing since 2002 and has been trained by some of Australia’s elite National and State champions.


Simon is certified as a Krav Maga Instructor under Protect Krav Maga (Prof. Itay Gil) and Guardian Krav Maga (AJ Kearns) having trained with us since 2012.

Samuel Boyes is one of the most recent instructors to join our team, having become a certified Krav Maga Instructor under Protect Krav Maga (Prof. Itay Gil) and Guardian Krav Maga (AJ Kearns) in 2017. 


His passion for helping people become safer, through the practice of Krav Maga, sees him deliver classes full of great information and confidence building drills. 

Rick commenced his martial journey when he was 14yo and has progressively evolved as a practitioner and an instructor over the 30 plus years. With his thirteen years professional background as a soldier in the elite airborne unit of the Australian Army and his multiple operational deployment into theatre of conflicts around the globe, Rick has developed a keen sense of what a real-world threat consists of and how best to prepare for the physical and psychological threats that one may encounter. He has a unique style of transmitting his skill sets, of not just the technical aspects of self-defence but also of critical threat and crisis management to his students, which comes from his practical experience and many years of training and instructing members of his unit and the wider military community. His martial experience is backed up and reinforced by his real-world encounters during deployments both on combat operations and on humanitarian missions.


Rick has a background in traditional martial arts which includes Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Karate, Silat and Kali and is a Military Unarmed Combat exponent. He has also cross trained with distinguished practitioners of the martial world like Kuya Doug Marcaida of Marcaida Kali, Maul Mornie of SSBD (Silat), Roy Faiga of Shi-Heun Krav Maga, Guro Mark Stuart of Boxer Rebellion International, Graham Cook of Total Martial arts, Guro Evan Tai of SCMT International and Sifu Jack Leung of Practical Wing Chung Australia.


Rick is a qualified practical Krav Maga instructor certified by Wingate Institute, the Israeli institute of sports under the guidance of Roy Faiga (Israeli Special Operations, Army).

Sinead has been working with the Youth Krav Maga program from 2015. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge from the primary school sector, having both worked professionally as a teacher's aide, and having graduated in Education Support from Monash University.


Her own Krav Maga practice has seen her achieve an Advanced Black Rank level in the Adult Guardian Krav Maga system.

Adi started his training in Krav Maga in 2013 and achieved his Triple black rank in 2016. He has been cross training in Wrestling, Boxing and Kickboxing since 2015 and has competed successfully in freestyle wrestling.

Adi is passionate about martial arts and loves sharing the skills he has acquired by training in different martial arts. Adi started teaching Wrestling at Guardian Defense in 2017 where he focuses on applying wrestling techniques in a self defense scenario.

Aaron is a Parkour powerhouse with many years of experience already under his belt. His passion for the activity clearly shows through in his teaching, with his classes building up skill sets for participants, from beginner through to advanced. Aaron has been training and instructing parkour for over 5 years gaining accreditation from the Melbourne Parkour Association. His vast teaching experience in regular classes with children and adults has seen him take his skills on stage and to photoshoots. 

Having trained in Parkour for over 10 years, John began instructing with the Canberra Parkour Association in 2011. John has a wide range of instructional experience from teaching school programs and youth, through to adult group classes, workshops, and private tuition.

Having been part of many sporting activities throughout his life, from cricket, soccer, table tennis, and athletics, to basketball, lacrosse, powerlifting and Ultimate Frisbee, Jasjit began his passion for Parkour in 2010.His love of Parkour lead him to begin his assistant teaching that same year and he has continued to actively pursue parkour, both as practitioner and Instructor, ever since.

From 2018 we have been fortunate enough to have him part of our Parkour team, and have enjoyed seeing his passion for Parkour be passed on to our students.

Enoki is a valued part of our administration team. You will likely be welcomed by her upon your arrival, and she can help you out with your enquiries and sales. 
She is also an active member of our marketing team, and can be found posting on our social media pages, as well as an author to BLOG articles that can be found on our website.

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