Having trained in Parkour for over 10 years, John began instructing with the Canberra Parkour Association in 2011. John has a wide range of instructional experience from teaching school programs and youth, through to adult group classes, workshops, and private tuition.

John instructs the following:
  • Parkour Kids (8 yrs+)
  • Parkour Kids will get an outlet for their energy as they learn to focus and accomplish physical tasks such as climbing up, down, moving over and through a variety of obstacles. A great physical workout, they will gain physical confidence, and a great sense of accomplishment as they learn to safely navigate their way through our inside parkour training facility.

  • Parkour Teens & Adults (12 yrs+)
  • Learn to overcome any obstacle, and move through space with efficiency.


    Please wear comfortable clothes and martial arts shoes (used for inside training only). Also bring water to drink and a towel. Thanks.