With so many scheduled classes you are sure to find what you are looking for.  All of our memberships include access to all classes within your age and rank level.

Let us get the ball rolling and book into your first training session. This intro session will cover everything you need to know to step into your first group class with confidence.

We are proud of the safe and friendly training environment here at Guardian, and the key to this is having everyone on the same page when it comes to safety and training etiquette. Our intro sessions ensure that whether you have trained before or not, you will understand what you can expect from us and your fellow students, as well as what is expected of you.
Your Intro will cover: Tour of the facility, Club Rules, Training etiquette, Uniform, and clothing requirements, First-aid and safety information, Membership options, Physical skills: Stance, Movement, Basic Strikes, How to hold pads for your training partner with safety and comfort, Protective Gear (when to use it and how it works), Ranking procedure.
Please wear comfortable clothes and bring some water to drink.
Open to all levels of experience this class will cover topics relevant to the ongoing learning of the participants.
Open level class which works on empty-hand striking and movement skills and their practical application, including pre-fight.
This Foundation 2 class will look at Defence against grabs, holds, falls, and chokes.
Hold a minimum of White Rank. Minimum protective equipment required includes Head guard with face grill, fingerless gloves with padded knuckles, elbow guards, groin guard and mouth guard.
This class is open to those holding a Orange Rank or higher. It will cover the syllabus for Purple, Brown, & Red rank assessment.
Full protective equipment kit is required.
This class prepares students for black rank, double black and triple black testing. Focusing on integration of previously learnt techniques, as well as knife and firearms threats, multiple threats and third-party defence skills.


Based on the awesome Lil' Dragon learning system, this fast paced class will keep your child having fun whilst they learn. Each term the class will focus on one life skill and one safety skill. A great start to life both in action and in thought.
Let your little ones improve skills such as balance, concentration, agility and physical confidence, as they learn to safely navigate their way up, over, through, down and on, various obstacles. Let's face it, kids love to climb, this will give them the skills to do so safely and improve their coordination at the same time.
Krav Kids will become proficient in realistic, easy to learn self-defence skills which are relevant to this age group. Life skills such as self confidence, goal setting, health, teamwork, self discipline and concentration are also addressed throughout the syllabus empowering them with knowledge as they head towards teenage years. Fitness improvements happen naturally as they participate in games, drills and circuit training. These activities improve coordination, agility, strength, and speed whilst also benefiting cardio vascular health
Parkour Kids will get an outlet for their energy as they learn to focus and accomplish physical tasks such as climbing up, down, moving over and through a variety of obstacles. A great physical workout, they will gain physical confidence, and a great sense of accomplishment as they learn to safely navigate their way through our inside parkour training facility.
Teens have never been more in need of strong self-defence skills. As they start to venture out into the world without you by their side, you can rest in the knowledge that they will take with them the physical and mental skills to look out for themselves.
So get your kids enrolled now and set them up for a life full of confidence, fun and fitness.
This teen specific class will teach you how to parkour for real, not just when you are gaming in Roblox or Minecraft.
You will be able to impress your friends as you overcome any obstacle, and move through space with efficiency. And let your parents know that it's great for fitness, strength, agility and teaching you how to move safely. 

Students please wear a uniform and martial arts shoes (used for inside training only). If you are new just wear comfortable clothes. 

Also bring water to drink and a towel. Thanks.

Learn to overcome any obstacle, and move through space with efficiency.


Please wear comfortable clothes and martial arts shoes (used for inside training only). Also bring water to drink and a towel. Thanks.

In this adult Parkour class, you will learn to overcome any obstacle, and move through space with efficiency.

Please wear comfortable clothes and martial arts shoes (used for inside training only). Also bring water to drink and a towel. Thanks.

Boxing is widely regarded as one of the greatest ways to burn calories and get a whole body workout. This class will give you all that whilst still giving you great technique improvements. Learn punches, body movement, fighting technique and more.
Wear comfortable clothes, bare feet or martial arts shoes, and bring boxing gloves, mouth guard, wraps and head guard if you have them.
Wrestling is one of the oldest combat sports in the world and it employs grappling techniques including clinch fighting, takedowns, joint locks and throws with the aim of gaining and maintaining a dominant position over your opponent.
In this class you will learn Olympic style wrestling (Freestyle and Greco Roman) and its adaptability to a self-defence scenario. Benefits aimed from this class are agility, explosive power, strength, balance and leverage skills.
This power packed class with have you gaining serious strength and make massive improvements to your cardio vascular capacity. With a mix of functional based movements, utilising body weight and weighted exercises you will take your fitness to a whole new level.
Please wear comfortable clothes, fitness shoes, and bring a water bottle and a towel.