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  • Teens using improvised defensive tools - shields

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  • Longarm Threat Defence

  • Advanced Ground Self-Defence

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A reality based self-defence system that is quick to learn, effective and perfect for both any gender. Our leveled classes will ensure you can train at the level that is right for your experience.

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Overcome any obstacle. A fun way to train strength, agility, coordination and confidence, Parkour will teach you how to move effectively through urban and natural environments.

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Get your young ones into healthy habits for life! Your children wiil learn valuable life skills, whilst becoming confident in proven self-defence skills, and improving their overall fitness.

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Boxing and Bootcamp classes will keep you motivated and focused, as you hit your fitness goals. Our gym facilities will keep your workouts both exciting and challenging.

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Awarded one of the top 25

most popular kids activities for 2017

Guardian Defence brings you the very best in practical Krav Maga self-defence skills, and fitness training, here in Brunswick Melbourne Australia. Our friendly, accessible classes, are designed to accommodate individuals of various levels of skill and fitness. So whether you are new to training or a professional in the field of law enforcement, you will gain expert self-defence skills, fast. And if fitness is your goal- we have fitness classes, pro-trainers and health professionals that will help lift you to new heights in your journey towards health and wellness.


Leaders in Women's Self-Defence training since 2006, Guardian Defence provides female focused, female lead training events and private training for women. We aim to empower women with the skills that will build confidence and allow you to defend yourself should the need arise. All our techniques are non-strength based and designed specifically to be effective regardless of the size of the attacker.

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