Co-Director of Guardian Defence, AJ heads up Guardian Krav Maga as Chief Instructor, using his many years of experience to guide and formulate the system and syllabus.


Motivated by seeing his friend attacked, AJ started his martial arts journey in 2000, firstly learning Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation), and then going on to study Kobudo (Okinawa International Kobudo Australia). He started assisting with classes in 2002, went on to attain a First Degree Black Belt in both styles, and began teaching both at the Academy of Martial Arts in Sydney from 2004.


His interest and study of Krav Maga began in 2002, and he went on to become certified as an Advanced Civilian Krav Maga Instructor by Prof. Itay Gil of Protect Krav Maga in 2006. He has since gone on to be certified as Krav Maga Chief Instructor by Tactical Krav Maga, Krav Maga Practical Instructor by Wingate Institute (Israel), Youth Krav Maga Instructor by Combat Krav Maga, Floro Fighting Systems Instructor by Raymond Floro, (Floro Fighting Systems).


AJ continues his association with Prof Gil (former Chief Instructor of the Israeli counter terror and hostage rescue unit YAMAM) and has also trained with the likes of: Roy Faiga (Shi-Heun Krav Maga, Wingate Institute); Avi Abeceedon (10 Dan Degree, K.A.M.I - Israeli Krav Magen Assoc.); Ran Nakash (former Chief Commander of Krav Maga Instructional Unit within the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)); Danny Netzer (Chief Commander of the Krav Maga Instruction Unit, IDF); Itay Danenberg (KMI), John Whitman (Krav Maga Alliance); Roy Elghanayan (Krav Maga LA); Lior Offenbach (Combat Krav Maga); Ray Floro (Floro Fighting Systems); Richard Dimitri (SAFE International, Senshido); Chris Roberts (SAFE International); Dave Pauli (ISR Matrix).


He is also a certified Personal Trainer and has being called upon many times, as an expert in self-defence for national print publications, television and radio.

AJ instructs the following:
  • Krav Maga Induction Class (16 yrs+)
  • Let us get the ball rolling and book into your first training session. This intro session will cover everything you need to know to step into your first group class with confidence.

    We are proud of the safe and friendly training environment here at Guardian, and the key to this is having everyone on the same page when it comes to safety and training etiquette. Our intro sessions ensure that whether you have trained before or not, you will understand what you can expect from us and your fellow students, as well as what is expected of you.
    Your Intro will cover: Tour of the facility, Club Rules, Training etiquette, Uniform, and clothing requirements, First-aid and safety information, Membership options, Physical skills: Stance, Movement, Basic Strikes, How to hold pads for your training partner with safety and comfort, Protective Gear (when to use it and how it works), Ranking procedure.
    Please wear comfortable clothes and bring some water to drink.

  • Krav Maga (F1) Foundation 1 (16 yrs+)
  • Open level class which works on empty-hand striking and movement skills and their practical application, including pre-fight.

  • Krav Teens (12 yrs+)
  • Teens have never been more in need of strong self-defence skills. As they start to venture out into the world without you by their side, you can rest in the knowledge that they will take with them the physical and mental skills to look out for themselves.
    So get your kids enrolled now and set them up for a life full of confidence, fun and fitness.

  • Krav Teens Intermediate (12 yrs+)
  • This class is open to those ranked orange band or above. In addition to the foundation techniques, it will focus on extensions on previously learnt techniques as well as more advanced techniques and concepts.

  • Krav Maga Advanced (16 yrs+)
  • This class prepares students for black rank, double black and triple black testing. Focusing on integration of previously learnt techniques, as well as knife and firearms threats, multiple threats and third-party defence skills.


  • Krav Maga (I2) Intermediate 2 (16 yrs+)
  • This class is open to those holding a Orange Rank or higher. It will cover the syllabus for Purple, Brown, & Red rank assessment.
    Full protective equipment kit is required.

  • Krav Maga Open Rank (16 yrs+)
  • Open to all levels of experience this class will cover topics relevant to the ongoing learning of the participants.

  • Krav Maga Defence from a Grounded Position
  • We will look at how to clear your attacker/s and get back up in a time efficient and tactically sound way. Learn to deal with strikes from both standing and grounded attackers. And how to clear an attacker's hands from around your throat, and fight your way back to your feet. 
    Forget sport, this is real life, and in real life there are NO RULES & NO WEIGHT DIVISIONS! You need to even up the fight fast with eye gouges, biting, head-butts, the lot. Whatever you need to do to get out of there, is what you should learn and be prepared to do. 
    Being stuck on the ground is a huge problem, during a real fight. Tactically speaking you are at a huge disadvantage, with attackers being able to attack with kicks to your head, or pin you down with strikes, strangles or chokes. But most importantly, your ability to move to safety is gone, until you can get back onto your feet.
    No experience necessary. Open to those aged 16 years+.
    Cost $80
    Member's discount applied at checkout. (Limited 10%, Unlimited 15%)

  • VIP Protection - Protect Your Friends & Family
  • Learn how to take care of those that you care about (or are paid to care about). It's all very well knowing how to take care of yourself, but what if you have other's who rely on your to keep them out of harms way?
    In this intensive session we will look at a range of techniques and how to apply them for someone else, from low level incidents through to high level attacks. 
    No experience is necessary. Open to those aged 16 years+.
    Cost $80
    Member's discount applied at checkout. (Limited 10%, Unlimited 15%)

  • Krav Maga Defence Against Firearms Threats - Half Day Intensive

    When faced with a firearms threat against our life, would you be confident in your defence? Learn innovative, highly effective techniques that work under the full duress of an actual threat on your life.


    Weather you are beginner or a high level professional in your field, you will gain invaluable life saving skills in the self-defence style Krav Maga. Krav Maga is regarded at one of the most effective hand-to-hand combat systems in the world. Not relying on the strength of the defender, it is highly effective for both women and men and can be used to shut down an attack in the minimum time, allowing for a fast escape.


    These workshops will give you the skills and confidence to deal with attacks of every level. Open to civilians, law enforcement and military. You do not want to miss this training event. Places are limited and are sure to fill quickly.


    Cost $80


    Member's Discount will be applied at checkout (Limited 10%, Unlimited 15%)


  • Krav Maga Defence of Empty Hand & Armed Attacks (Incl. Knife & Stick Attacks) - Half Day Intensive

    Weather you are attacked empty-hand or with a weapon, your ability to re-direct or block these incoming, life threatening attacks will determine if you live to fight another day.


    This training event will outline the simple yet effective skills set you will need to deal with these attacks.


    No experience necessary. Moderate level fitness is beneficial, however you can train at your level.


    GD Students looking to attain or consolidate skills for Green & Blue Rank are encouraged to attend.


    Cost $80


    Member's Discount will be applied at checkout. (Limited - 10%, Unlimited 15%)


    Protective gear will be required (minimum forearm guards, shin guards, mouth guard, groin guard, headgear with face grill). Please bring it along if you own it. If you do not own any, please email enquires@guardiandefence.com to let us know, as we do have some that you can borrow.